A Tale within a Tale

Witticism from a blunt character

Today I’m sharing something I’ve rarely mentioned.

There are tales within the tales of the Lore universe, and one in particular deserves mention.

Tattle’s Blunt Adventures!

Keep your eagle-eyed gazes alert for the sayings that accompany every chapter in every Lore book, and soon you will see ‘excerpts’ ascribed to Tattle’s Blunt Adventures (yup, blunt!), Tattle’s scribe (long-suffering dude!) and also Awl, the one who records Tattle’s adventures and those of his scribe.

When you cop it, you may find a whole new tale unfolding. You may then feel ‘… but it’s unfinished!’ and you will be right.

One day, when this series and it’s spin-offs are completed, I will write Tattle’s Blunt Adventures from Awl’s perspective, and complete that journey as well. In fact, it’s already started, but right now I have to ignore it for other projects 🙂

Octavi removed her earrings and when she threw them to earth, great fissures formed in the land between Harri’s Harpies and Honorus’ Hounds. Women, boy, are very clever, very clever indeed. ~ Tattle’s Blunt Adventures


You are not a knave! You are not a saviour! You are something else entirely … if only my gift for language would now aid me in finding the perfect epitaph! Oh, my. ~ Tattle’s Blunt Adventures


Oh, dear, oh, dear, there are shadows in the darkness! ~ Tattle’s Blunt Adventures


Oh raptor, oh hawk, oh little birdie, take me aloft on your wings! ~ Tattle’s scribe


Do not shoot the messenger! Ill tidings have warning! Listen! ~ Awl, author of Tattle’s Blunt Adventures


And much more …




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