Magnificence of Being

The legend is real

Meet the Centuar!

“The Centuar were creatures of myth.

In all cultures tales abound of strong, sure-footed, four-legged animals, half-horse, half-man, and some named them as bad luck, while others regarded them as a symbol of good fortune. The Centuar did not have an evolutionary history, for they did not evolve. They were created by one man, a wizard of old with much time on his hands and a great love for the extraordinary.

Truly creatures of myth and magic.

The old wizard and his kind had long gone, but his creations continued to thrive. He made them ageless – immortal. He made them strong and intelligent – sentient. And he made them the colours of fantasy – glorious. He also streamlined them. Four limbs were what they needed, not six, and thus they were more horse than man, the latter’s influence evident only in facial features and the glory of their hair.

Upon the wizard’s death they were free.”


Why is this legend spelled C E N T U A R?

“Let it be said here a Centuar was not a Centaur, confusion for those who did not know the truth. A Centaur is a myth, and may even be real in the back ends of time, for myth frequently had basis in reality, but a Centuar was of the universe, part of time and history and reality, a created legend that continued to breathe and function, think and act. Belun (leader of the Centuar), if one dared query the distinction, would snap at one for confusing one with the other.”



Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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