A Whiter Shade of Colourless

Meet Llettynn of the Siric:

The LORE series is Epic Fantasy with elements of High Fantasy – there are a few fantastical beings populating this universe 🙂

Let’s begin with the Guardians of the Dome. You will meet these immortal protectors in The Infinity Mantle and be introduced to the Siric, the Centuar (deliberate spelling!), the Sylmer, the Sagorin, and Eagles and Falcons (the birds are a bit LOTR, you now think, yet … wait, we will get to the birds soon enough!).

“The Siric were small in stature. Llettynn stood at five feet and was pale as were all Siric. Also common was the white, cropped hair that gave the appearance of feathers, and the colourless blue eyes. When they turned around, however, and presented their wings, lo! The full spectrum of the rainbow resided there; their wings alive, changing with circumstance and emotion.

If one knew how to read their colours one could read their emotions. One colour was always dominant and Llettynn’s was turquoise, it being the leader’s mark.”


This Siric may be small and appear innocuous, but if you underestimate Llettynn you will meet your doom!


Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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